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How To Breakthrough Your Current Level of Realistic Pencil Portraits

How to breakthrough your current level of realistic pencil portraits, think of the head as an elliptical body with a three-dimensional shape like an egg, and draw the longitudinal auxiliary line. After that, the position of eyes, nose, and mouth is determined as shown. The light and darkness should be expressed according to the curve

Method And Skill Of Drawing Realistic, Vivid Portraits With Pencils

Method And Skill Of Drawing Realistic, Vivid Portraits With Pencils, Realistic pencil portrait guide, improve pencil drawing techniques, leave the white highlight position in the pupil and blacken the rest, keeping a certain level of light and dark. Then use a cotton swab to gently apply it to create a three-dimensional effect. You can trace

Basic Knowledge And Basic Requirements For Pencil Portraits

Realistic pencil portraits skills and techniques drawing courses, emphasize the importance of observing actual objects and drawing them according to actual size. To draw the nose very naturally, it is important to weaken the outline of the nose and use light and dark to create a three-dimensional sense of the nose. The darkness of nose

Practicing And Learning Realistic Pencil Portrait Secret Method

Practicing and learning realistic pencil portrait secret method, it is best to draw a lip pattern when drafting. It can be colored and gently smeared with a cotton swab to create a three-dimensional look. Finally, use the plastic eraser to erase the upper and lower outlines, and gently wipe out the highlights to complete the