Become Be A Photo/Image Editing Expert, Make Your Photos Come Alive


This guide is very useful for people who want to give their images a richer color and a higher contrast professional look.

How to change the appearance of bad images with color gradation

Push original photos to the maximum in Photoshop

In this video exercise, I took a RAW image and converted it into something more interesting by pushing the color rating to its maximum value. I started with Photoshop RAW Photo Editor and finished my normal workflow to prepare photos for extreme conversions in Photoshop. Then I show you all the steps I took and the techniques I used to implement the pictures you saw above!

In my opinion, shooting RAW is very important to truly exploit photos, restore details in shadows and highlights, and also restore colors that can be lost when recording JPEG.

How to get the most out of your original photos

In this video exercise, I’ll show you how to get the most out of RAW photos, especially if your subject or sky is not exposed properly. When taking pictures in nature and there are no reflexes, especially when the sun sets and you want to capture it with the subject, you will have some problems. The sky is blown out or your subject becomes too dark. However, you can correct this with Photoshop, which shows hidden details in shadows and highlights and colors that you think are not there. If you want to make your pictures more “popular”, this is your tutorial!

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