Black & White Photo Editing, Color Correcting Manipulation Tutorial


How to change daytime to night scenes

115 minutes in this video tutorial, we will convert this image into old Montreal shooting night shots, we will focus on emphasizing the details, add elements to increase color image, and work on all highlights and shadows to make more popular!

The photo editing techniques taught in this guide can be used to improve a photo that specifically includes buildings, streets, bridges, etc. …

How to make your picture a beautiful poster ad

Give your photos a smoother and more eye-catching and more colorful look

In this video tutorial, we convert the unmodified photos of the two models to more shiny and shiny images that look like posters to promote soft drinks or candies! Can anyone participate?

While we are doing this Photoshop tutorial, we will primarily focus on changing the look of the skin, adding skin reflection model of colored light from both sides, adding more interesting background, of course, we will take some time to correct the color / score our picture .

Modification is a photographer portrait photography always ending up, but a particularly popular look we often see in a magazine or beauty products advertising is the perfect “Printing” look.

Well, not in this Photoshop tutorial spray, but we’re here to do is shoot the model to minimize the untrue pictures, we’ll “screw up” get rid of all the imperfections and eventually create the kind of photos we often can be seen in beauty products and fashion magazines.

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