Color Grading Retouching Tutorial For Photos And Images Editing


For this practice, the technique I use is completely different from the technique I used for the new guide at the top of this page. Both of these techniques are very useful and can be used in different situations.

How to get a cool, low, unsaturated look for your photos

In this guide, we explore various editing methods that allow us to display details in the image, improve contrast and adjust colors to give us the look you see above.

In this massive video exercise, we use advanced retouching techniques to digitally convert models to supermodels. This guide is actually inspired by the way in which he edits and converts the same exact image. I tried to recreate what he did to some extent. This is my version. I will show you step by step how I did it!

I think anyone with basic Photoshop skills can complete this tutorial. Having mastered this extreme conversion technique, you can not only perform wild transformations like this, but also make more subtle transformations, your theme. Will definitely be surprised!

In this video exercise, we use advanced color rating to create a tone mapping effect without using plugins or third-party software, we only use Photoshop and its associated content. First, we take a photo taken with the camera’s flash and convert it into a kind of “reality show” poster ad.

If you take pictures while using extra fill or reflexes, we help to keep many details in shadows and highlights, making post production easier to push color scale.

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