Digital Audio Workstation With Massive Sound Library And Features

Live has an advanced MIDI recording function that you can use hardware or software synthesizer, sampler, drum machine. In recording, you can capture any sound in the real world.

In the live there is a music palette to mix and match music pieces without a timeline. Improvisation and performance of sound can be done freely.

If you are satisfied with the results, use live permutation views to organize your notes and create songs. You can edit details by moving music blocks and time.

Ableton Live features a unique twist feature that allows you to change speed and time in real time without stopping music. If you do not have an idea you can use the tool’s sound collection.

The company is proud that music production software is the best digital audio workstation ever. This tool provides crystal clear sound quality and many advanced features that can be satisfied even by the most demanding musicians.

Avid Pro Tools 12 is a powerful music creation tool that draws on your inner creativity. This tool provides a variety of options that allow you to create, record, edit, mix and share tracks.

The revision of the project is a function to organize all version history and data. With this feature you can search for new versions of songs and tracks, take notes, and quickly return to the previous state from anywhere.

Track Freeze is a very convenient function to quickly freeze or unfreeze plugins on tracks to free up processing power.

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