Digital Painting Tutorial For Beginners, How To Paint With A Mouse


In this Photoshop Guide, we cover many aspects of image editing, which will definitely help you make your photos “popular” and pay attention!

How to make stylized black and white portraits
Black and white photo editing instructions

Just saturating your photos to create black and white pictures will only give you the basic results – who only want the basic results? If you want to create great B & W photos, these pictures will stand out and this guide is for you!

How to add a charming atmosphere to your pictures

Improve the background and get your theme pop up

In this video exercise we take a picture of a little girl standing in the woods, transforming it into an adventure scene and let her jump out of the picture! Much of this tutorial will focus on color correction / color grading techniques that allow you to completely change the look of your photos!

If you want to make your photos “more popular” by improving the look and feel of the background, this guide is for you!

Make your photos look spectacular with advanced color grading and some photo manipulations

I began taking pictures of itself and used advanced color grading techniques and some optical operations to make snapshots of rural areas for amazing award-winning images. In this tutorial he will gradually show you how he achieved this transformation. The knowledge you get after the completion of this tutorial allows you to convert your pictures into magic art!

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