Master Your Mixed Voice Dvanced Singing Techniques For All Levels

Master your mixed sounds Advanced singing techniques at all levels to allow you, over time, to gain confidence in yourself by mastering the stage in front of large groups.

Watch your attitude. The quality of your voice depends on many factors. your attitude is one of them. Keeping your body in the right position allows you to get the best airflow possible. Keep your back straight and keep your eyes parallel to the floor; do not look up or down. Keep your feet flat and do not move the weight between them. If you sit down, do not lean on the chair. Keep your upper body half straight as you do when standing. Try to sit closer to the edge of the seat; In this way, you will not “pinch” your diaphragm, allowing you to design harder. Always position yourself so that your body provides the least possible resistance to breathing and voice.

I did an online search of online singing lessons and found that Singorama was the best thing for me to do. It really helped me to save my voice, and especially to sing through “pauses” in my voice without spoiling anything! Currently, I am part of the international choir in Seoul and I can achieve high marks without problems.

The new dimension of theater is now open to me. I am very grateful and attribute this completely to your course!

People, I have been involved in community theater for many, many years, both as an actor and as a technician. I played a lot of different roles and did a lot of design and support work, but I never had the courage to listen to the music.

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