Quick And Simple Videos To Master All The Must-Know Ukulele Chords

Fast and easy video, mastering all the ukulele chords you need to know

I started studying your Ukulele Buddy class a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed this experience. I really like this fun instrument. I especially like the way you teach playing skills, because my body does not hit other than heartbeat! Through your teaching and professional training at local Uke Club, I truly believe that after 65 years I finally found a musical instrument, I was able to enjoy the piano, the violin and the guitar I’ve been trying for years, but not have passed. Scale / initial exploration

For those who start with uke, it’s no better than your course. I do not believe I sang a song, it sounds good!

I signed up for a uke course because I could not find anyone nearby and you could teach me right. I can say that I like the course of your website, it gives me hours of assistance and learning my favorite instruments.

My progress is increasing! I can play some chords now, and JP and Mitch Chang show you the right path for a step. I hope I can play well in this group.

The reason why you like JP is buying your course great. A friend told me about the Ukelele appreciation community held in my hometown in Adelaide, South Australia every Tuesday. I like the fun way you put them together. Because I do not know any musical theory, I like the way you weave it.

I am a magician, I think this can give me more space to give some songs in my behavior.

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