Shoot Video With Dslr Like A Pro, Discover The Secrets Of Dslr

Recording movies with Dslr like a professional, discovering Dslr secrets

Todd’s recommended equipment for capture in place or set (all you need to do right and make it a hit)
The type of memory card you need to use for the video and why (this is different from the photo)
Main guides for different sensor sizes, including the advantages and disadvantages of each
Our best practices are to avoid problems during photo sessions (most people ignore them)

Some secrets await you in this section …

Todd’s best practices in the field of film making in slow motion
How to get “cinematic” movies using digital SLR
Easy adjustment that will make your videos look clean and fresh

What is the best resolution?
At present, the camera offers many resolutions from low-quality VGA to 1080HD and more. It’s important to understand what the differences are and why you should choose one of them. This is a part that you can not miss.

Some secrets await you in this section …

The reason why you should always make the movie in the highest resolution (most people forget about it)
How to know if the camera automatically reduces the resolution and how to prevent it from repeating
How to “prove the future” of your work so you can follow industry standards

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